Welcome to Lakeside Bowmen

Looking for an activity for the family that is healthy and outdoors within one of Brisbane's most beautiful woodland settings?

Well maybe you should come and give archery a go.

Photo of the small dam and bush just below the club house Lakeside Bowmen is located in a wetland flora and fauna reserve and as such has a very diverse range of plants and animals that are unique to these kind of environments.

We take pride and enjoyment that we are able to coexist alongside nature and all her creatures. Check out the "Nature Gallery" for a run down on some of the flora and fauna that you can see with the club grounds.

A photo of people at one of the clubs coaching sessions If you have tried archery in the past or even if you haven't, it doesn't matter really as we have full coaching facilities and are prepared to put in the time to get you fully trained in this sport.

A photo of people at one of the club shoots held a lakeside bowmen We have monthly local and inter club competitions as well as coaching sessions - check out our calendar (Calendar) for full details.

So come along and have some fun.

Club Notices

  • UPDATED 2024 Calendar is now available

Members shooting at our club IFAA Shoot


A bit about us

Lakeside Bowmen began in 1978, our members participate in both Field Archery and Bowhunting. Lakeside is located in a wetland flora and fauna reserve and as such has a very diverse range of plants and animals that are unique to these kind of environments. Our members are a friendly group made up of men and women, who love to promote archery as a social sport. Our club currently has over 250 members.

Lakeside Bowmen is affiliated with the Australian Bowhunters Association (ABA) which is the National body for archery.

We offer both social and competitive ABA shooting. Each month our club holds a club shoot, these shoots can be either a 3D or ABA coloured targets. During club shoots and inter-club shoots our canteen is open and provides hot food and refreshments.

We have a practice range, two ABA ranges with 20 targets winding through a bushland setting, and one IFAA ranges.

We also offer coaching for people just wanting to try out archery.

Members on the practice range preparing to a club shoot

Club Calendar

Club Calendar

State and National shoots - refer to Archery Action Remember to pre nominate for Branch, State & National Shoots.

MBRC – Activities run by Moreton Bay Regional Council

Link to PDF of the 2024 Calendar

Calendar controls

  • Use the arrow to navigate between months.
  • If you click on a calendar entry it will display list of events for that month.
  • From the list view click the month option on the top of the list Month button that closes the list to return the the month view.

Start Time

Lakeside Activities
  • Club Shoots - Nominations close at 8:30am
  • Working Bees 8:30am
  • Committe Meetings after club shoot
  • Coaching 8:30am to 10:30am
  • Block Coaching Bookings:
  • Rus: 04019 029 411
  • Marilyn: 04019 724 214

Nominating Branch Interclub Shoots

Nominations to: Allan Hall,
0432 917 511, or email

How to Join

How to Join

Welcome to Lakeside Bowmen, joining our friendly club is quite a simple process.

How old do you need to be!

Archery is fun for the whole family, ages range from 8 to 80+ years of age. Its a great way to get out and about. The following are the ABA age grouping:

  • Cub: 8 years to 12 years of age,
  • Junior: 13 years to 16 years of age,
  • Adult: 17 years and over

IFAA also has a Young Adult as an intermediate age grouping - those aged 16 + 17 y.o.

How to join as a new member

This flowchart How to join - new member outlines the process of joining the club as a probationary member.

Probationary membership

If you are a probationary member then you don't need to join ABA until your three months are up unless you intend to shoot an inter-club shoot.

Click here to go to the ABA website: http://www.bowhunters.org.au

How to join transferring from another club

If you are a member of an existing club you can transfer to Lakeside Bowmen. This flowchart How to join - transferring to our club outlines the process of transferring to our club.

Additional Information

Membership Forms

Benefits of joining ABA

Membership with ABA gives you the following benefits:

  • Insurance Coverage
  • You will receive bi-monthly "Archery Action" magazine
  • Rights to attend local and inter-club shoots, National Championships, Regional and World IFAA Championships
  • Recognised as a full voting Club Member



Thinking of coming and giving archery a try?

The best way to go about trying is to come to a one day coaching course. All coaching courses at Lakeside are on Saturday between the hours of 8.30am and 1.00pm.

You must be 8 years and over to do the coaching course. Check the calendar for the next course dates.

You must book for coaching, phone Russell 0419 029 411 or Marilyn 0419 724 214.

About Coaching

The complete session runs for about 4 hrs on the designated Saturday.

It begins at 8.30am with an introduction to archery, club facilities, safety and bow use, followed by Instruction on the Practice Range.

After a short break participants are walked around one of our “Bush” ranges by experienced club members.

The course is normally completed on that day.

If you have your own equipment please bring it on the day.

You must wear enclosed footwear.

There are no equipment hire costs on the coaching day for participants.

Lakeside coaching staff recommend not to buy any equipment before completing a coaching course.


Probationary Membership fees
Less that 18 years old $20.00
18 years and over $35.00
Families $50.00

Booking Fee

A booking fee applies of $20 for families and adults. $10 for under 18. This booking fee will come off your probationary membership fee if you join the club.

Equipment Hire

If you don't have your own equipment you can hire equipment for $5 per person.

Contact Details

If you have any questions on coaching please contact one of our coaches by the following:

Mobile: 0419 029 411

Mobile: 0419 724 214

You can email our coaches via this email address archery101@yahoo.com.

Coaching Coordinator
Phone: 3285 2533
email: timstone@eis.net.au

Additional Information

Club Calendar

Coaching Booklet

Please read the Coaching Document as this will give you some idea on the requirements for coaching as well as basic safety rules.

Post Range Cleared

If you have just been range cleared and your not quite sure what to do next then read the Post Range Clearing file.

Membership Forms

Example Forms

Becoming a member

For details on joining our club go to the How to Join page.

Membership Fees

Membership Fees

The below fees do not include the cost of joining ABA. To get the current cost of ABA membership please visit the ABA website: http://www.bowhunters.org.au.

Membership renewals

Membership fees renewals fall due 1st July each year. If your club membership isn't paid by 31 July, you will need to pay the joining fee again.

Fee payments can be made in the following ways:

  1. Cash (or cheque) at the club,
  2. By EFTPOS at the club using a mastercard or visacard,
  3. By direct credit to Lakeside Bowmen's account

For new Ordinary Full Member fees include a one off joining fee. The joining fees are outlined below:

  • Family (inc $15.00 joining fee)
  • Adult (inc $10.00 joining fee)
  • Junior/cub (inc $5.00 joining fee)

Full Ordinary Membership Fees

Membership PeriodFamilyAdultJunior/Cub
1 July to 30 Sept$115.00$50.00$30.00
1 Oct to 31 Sept$90.00$40.00$24.00
1 Jan to 31 Mar$65.00$30.00$18.00
1 Apr to 30 Jun$40.00$20.00$12.00

Working Bee Levy

Members need to attend a minimum of 50% working bees a year, else a $40 working bee Levy is included in your membership fees.

Club shoot lunch break
trad shooters


Frequently Asked Questions

To nominate for the branch shoot (not a club shoot) you need to either email or phone Allan Hall

Contact details are:

You need to nominate by 8pm the Monday before the shoot.

International Field Archery Association


  • Casual clothes and wear enclosed footwear
  • Wear a shady hat, use sunscreen, and
  • drink lots of water

Join as a full club member and join the ABA

For inter-club shoots no but you can at club shoots (the usual $5 hire and $10 shoot fees applies)

Just come to the club shoot and ask to hire the equipment when you pay the nomination fee.

  • One of the coaches will assess you while you shoot arrows at a predetermined target. Coaches will look at your stance, anchor point and follow through etc
  • once the coaches are confident you are a safe shooter you will be range cleared. Our aim is to get you range cleared ASAP

  • Yes but he/she will need to wear enclosed footwear.
  • The friend can only shoot if they are a member of the ABA.

As long as you are a probationary member of Lakeside and have your own gear you can practice on the practice range though not the other ranges until you have been range cleared

No, only club members (probationary or full membership) can shoot at the club. If you are an ABA member you can shoot at the club three times, after that we request that you join the club.

If you aren't a member of ABA then you can't shoot at our club as you aren't covered by insurance.

Before shooting please ensure that you sign in the registration book at the club house.

If you are intending shoot on the ranges or practice range you must have your club membership card clearly visible to other members.

Australian Bowhunters Association


If you don't have your own equipment you can hire equipment for $5 per person.

No.... but you will need to at least join the ABA.

But after three visits you would need to become a club member to keep using the facitites.

  • You will need to join as a full member and continue coming to the coaching sessions until you have been range cleared
  • But if you have been attending regular coaching we believe you should be range cleared well within the preliminary 3 month period

Our youngest archer is about 8 years and the oldest would be in the 80's so it's just a matter of inclination and ability and for a youngster a lot depends on muscular development

  • You are a Cub till you turn 13 then you become a Junior.
  • Junior becomes an Adult when they turn 17.

Link to Bow Buyers Guide

Club Committee

Our hard-working committee team

Jason Tilgals

President Other Roles:
  • Public Relations

Dale Draper

Vice President Other Roles:
  • Risk Management Officer

Erin Moore


Email: secretary.lakesidebowmen@gmail.com

Kay Prince

Membership Secretary

Email: membership.lakeside@gmail.com

Tim Stone

Treasurer Other Roles:
  • Coaching Coordinator

Peter van der Molen

Range Captian Other Roles:
  • Shoot Director

Mike O'Brien

Score Recorder Other Roles:
  • ABA Rep

Scott Young

Bowhunting Instructor Other Roles:
  • Game Recorder


Contact Us


188 Scott Road,
Kurwongbah, Qld 4503

Call Us

(07) 3285 2533

Postal Address

Lakeside Bowmen
PO Box 72,
Petrie Qld 4502

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