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September 2016

Hello All

Hello all well it’s been a busy year so far with a few more dates to remember. Our club championships are on this weekend. With the end of year breakup in December. A BIG thank you to all those members who helped at last week's working bee. Many hands make light work and this was certainly the case last Sunday.

You may have noticed a few of the targets have been changed, there will be a few more changes over the xmas break.

New stairs to the practice range have been completed. This work was done by the council - a long time coming but worth the wait. Thanks to "The league of Extraordinary Gentlemen" for looking after this project.

Our club bow collection grew a bit with 3 new Mathews Genesis compound bows now available to our new and older members who have wanted to try a compound bow. We also have some new 3d targets which you will get to shoot at the club champs. Below are the last shoot dates for 2016 and a few reminders.

Dates to remember:

Assorted photos of around the club

Jules Traditional shoot

The Jules Traditional shoot (3d) was held in July and was a great success as usual. There is no doubt that traditional archery is very popular and growing rapidly. Lakeside is a supporter of Traditional Archery Australia (TAA) with more than a few members doing very well in their trad divisions.

Some photos from the Jules Trad shoot

Branch IFAA Titles

The Branch IFAA at Lakeside was held in august with over 80 archers attending. We had many new faces and a few FITA shooters getting a IFAA comp in before the world titles. The 2 day event saw the animal round blown away by a storm on Saturday afternoon. Next year Lakeside will be holding the same event . The IFAA range will be upgraded soon with a regular timetable for open and closed times to be worked out. The practice IFAA range in the camp ground has been re marked and is available to members anytime.

Some photos from the Branch IFAA Titles

World Field Archery Titles

The big event this year was the World Field Archery Championships (WFAC) in Wagga Wagga, NSW held in late September. The worlds are held every 2 years with the next one in south Africa in 2018. Six Lakesiders headed down for the 5 day event. Wagga field archers are on 500 acres of green hills and have 4 very challenging courses, all being full 28 target ranges. "Steep" was an understatement. Unfortunately a weather event forced the last 2 days to be cancelled due to safety - as the ranges were to slippery to shoot. Over 560 archers gathered in cold windy conditions but had a blast.

Some photos from the World Field Archery Titles

At this point I must Congratulate Liz Guthrie for 1st place, World Champion in ladies bowhunter compound. Well done Liz.

Coming up

Coming up in 2017 another busy archery year. The new calendar will be finalized shortly. Lakeside will be hosting 1 branch shoot next year - the branch IFAA. Why only 1 shoot you ask? Well it’s a numbers game - the more members we have at interclub Branch shoots, the more shoots we are allocated. So next year try and get to another club for a shoot.

Night shoots we are planning a night round to be run on a regular basis during the week, possibly every 2nd Wednesday. More info on this to come as it develops.

3D and Trad shoots will also be organized early next year with a possible 4 shoot series on the table.

I encourage members to put any ideas forward that they would like to see, practical feedback helps us as a committee when making decisions.

Lastly Working bees – we need more volunteers simple as that, if you can spare a few hours on a Sunday morning once every 2 months it would be appreciated-it is even fun sometimes.

Some photos from one of our 3D shoots

Lakeside is your club the committee welcomes your ideas and suggestions this is easily done on our website in the Information links or come to one of our monthly meetings - below is a list of archery links that will answer a lot of questions meeting about your sport

That's about all for now see you on the ranges

Jason Tilgals - VP

Last updated 01 November 2016