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The following is a list of Frequently Ask Questions

How to nominate for a branch shoot?

To nominate for the branch shoot (not a club shoot) you need to either email or phone Sally-Ann McGrigor

Contact details are:

You need to nominate by 8pm the Monday before the shoot.

Can anyone shoot at the club?

No, only club members (probationary or full membership) can shoot at the club. If you are an ABA member you can shoot at the club three times, after that we request that you join the club.

If you aren't a member of ABA then you can't shoot at our club as you aren't covered by insurance.

Before shooting please ensure that you sign in the registration book at the club house.

If you are intending shoot on the ranges or practice range you must have your club membership card clearly visible to other members.

What does ABA stand for?

Australian Bowhunters Association

Equipment Hire

If you don't have your own equipment you can hire equipment for $5 per person.

What does IFAA stand for?

International Field Archery Association

What sort of clothes can I wear around the range?

  • Casual clothes and wear enclosed footwear
  • Wear a shady hat, use sunscreen and drink lots of water, and
  • drink lots of water

What do I do after the three months probation is finished?

Join as a full club member and join the ABA

Do I have to join the club to use the ranges?

No.... but you will need to at least join the ABA.

But after three visits you would need to become a club member to keep using the facitites.

How do I get range cleared?

  • One of the coaches will assess you while you shoot arrows at a predetermined target. Coaches will look at your stance, anchor point and follow through etc
  • once the coaches are confident you are a safe shooter you will be range cleared. Our aim is to get you range cleared ASAP

If I am range cleared can I bring a friend around the range with me?

  • Yes but he/she will need to wear enclosed footwear.
  • The friend can only shoot if they a member of the ABA.

If I have my own gear can I come and practice outside coaching days?

As long as you are a probationary member of Lakeside and have your own gear you can practice on the practice range though not the other ranges until you have been range cleared

If I am range cleared and don't have my own gear yet can I shoot at competitions?

For interclub shoots no but you can at club shoots (the usual $5 hire and $5 shoot fees applies)

Just come to the club shoot and ask to hire the equipment when you pay the nomiation fee.

What happens if I am not range cleared before the 3 months probationary is up?

  • You will need to join as a full member and continue coming to the coaching sessions until you have been range cleared
  • But if you have been attending regular coaching we believe you should be range cleared well within the preliminary 3 month period

How old do I have to be to be an archer?

Our youngest archer is about 8 years and the oldest would be in the 80's so it's just a matter of inclination and ability and for a youngster a lot depends on muscular development

At what age am I classified as a cub or a junior?

  • You are a Cub till you turn 13 then you become a Junior.
  • Junior becomes an Adult when they turn 17.

Where can I buy gear?

Link to Bow Buyers Guide

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Wooden arrows
Turkey Fletching Feathers
Turkey Fletching Feathers
Last updated 30 March 2019