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Club By-Laws

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By-Laws of Lakeside Bowmen Inc.

  1. Clothing suitable for the sport is to be worn with safety, including visual safety, being the most important consideration.
  2. Suitable footwear must be worn at all times, when using the practice buffs and on the ranges. Suitable footwear that provides adequate protection of the feet and suitable for difficult terrain is required. Bare feet, thongs or similar open designed footwear is not acceptable.
  3. All members are to ensure that the club and surrounding grounds are kept tidy and free of rubbish.
  4. No shooters other than those who possess an approved bowhunters proficiency certificate are permitted to shoot broadheads at Lakeside Bowmen Inc grounds. Broadheads are permitted to be shot at the approved designated broadhead practice butt. Broadheads are prohibited from use on any other Lakeside ranges.
  5. No member, regardless of position held, shall alter any shooting course layout or relocate buffs or shooting pegs without the permission of or authority of the range captain or in their absence the shoot director.
  6. All members are required to participate in approximately 50% of club working bee activities each year. Members failing to participate in their share of these work activities without reasonable cause will be charged a nominal fee in addition to membership fees.
  7. All visitors to the club are to be directed where possible to a committee member of the club on arrival.
  8. Probationary members are to shoot only on the practice range until such time as they have been deemed competent in the use of archery equipment. The club Coach's and Field Arcgery Instructors are the sole arbitrator's of this competency adjudication.
  9. No domestic animals or pets are permitted on the range unless they are under control of the handler/owner by way of leash.
  10. The native fauna and flora habitat is to be protected at all times.
  11. No flora is to be cut, damaged or removed from the range without the permission of the range captain.
  12. Keys and security tags issued to members shall remain the property of the club and are not to be given to any other member or person not authorised by the club committee. All keys and security tags are to be returned on demand and all keys and security tags are to be returned on ceasing to be a member of the club.
  13. No arrows of any description are to be loosed in any area other than the approved practice range butts, the approved broadhead practice butt and approved club ranges. The exception to this rule is during activities designated by the shoot director or range captain for approved invitational or fun shoots or other approved activities.
  14. No cross bows are approved to be used on any practice area or ranges or any other area within the Lakeside Bowmen lease hold.
  15. While the club encourages and promotes family involvement in all activities, children remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian/child carer or the person bringing the child to the club. No non-shooting child is permitted on any shooting range unless under the care and control of an adult. The club and its members accept no liability or responsibility for any child injured if that child is not a member of Lakeside Bowmen Inc or participating in an approved authorised activity.
  16. All adult members are expected to assist in the operation of the canteen facility on specific occasions.
  17. All members shall at all times promote the activities of Lakeside Bowmen Inc in a positive manner and assist in the promotion of membership.
  18. All members must ensure that any person they bring to the Club to shoot are current ABA members.
Last updated 30 March 2019